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Compare ISO 14001 and AS9100

AS9100 is an international management system standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. The standard provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products to the aerospace industry. AS9100 also addresses civil & military aviation requirements.

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS) which provides a structure for measuring and improving an organization’s environmental impact.

When you compare ISO 14001 and AS9100, they share these elements:

  • Policy
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Responsibility and Authority
  • Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Communication
  • Records
  • Competence, training and awareness
  • Document control
  • Audits
  • Management review

The main difference between AS9100 and ISO 14001 is that:

  • AS9100 is based on ISO 9001 and contains the actual requirements of the standard with which the organization needs to comply and get certified. More specifically, the AS9100 is managed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) (
  • ISO 14001 focuses on managing your organization's impact on the external environment, to reduce pollution and comply with regulations

AS9100 differs from 14001 in several areas specific to the Aerospace industry:

  • Since AS 9100 is for all companies that design develop and/or produce aviation, space and defense products, it has been endorsed by FAA, DoD and NASA as against measuring an organization’s impact on the organization.
  • Focus on better operations, improved performance, and improved profitability versus reducing pollution and carbon foot print. Additional critical aerospace requirements are

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